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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  November 12, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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campus. >> reporter: i'm debra alazone live on the montgomery campus where police took a student into custody for threatening to shoot people on campus. the exact quote was, "i'm going to shoot everyone on this campus and enjoy doing it." students say they never saw a weapon and cops also say no weapon was found. the man in custody is a student here. students overheard him again talking about shooting people. they told campus security. campus security told police. that student was then in custody within 45 minutes. the spokespeople for montgomery college are saying 45 minutes is all that it took but again the man apparently upset over a relationship. no charges have been filed and cops are not sure any charges will be and because of that no one is releasing his name. that's all the information we have for now. live in rookville at the montgomery college.
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an announcement could come as soon as tomorrow regarding d.c. ambulance service. heath kenneth ellerbe tells our own -- chief kenneth ellerbe tells our own bruce johnson the plan is to reduce hours of service from 1 a.m. to 7 a.m. and increase the number during peak hours. >> reporter: the guys working the trucks will have to come over and start manning -- >> it's quite possible those firefighters will have to help out 1 a.m. to 7 a.m. i know they've complained about having to work long hours and it's too hard. i already gave them a proposal. we talked about maybe reducing those hours. hopefully they'll step up and serve the citizens like they're supposed to. >> the union will be meeting very soon to talk about this and there is more to come on this story. >> from my point of view it's absolutely essential that he -- from my point of view it's absolutely essential that he give testimony before the congress so that we can figure out benghazi. >> tonight some lawmakers say they'd still like to hear from david petraeus about the u.s. consulate attack in libya. he resigned last week citing an
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extramarital affair. acting director mike morrell will testify instead. meanwhile members of the senate intelligence committee are asking how come we didn't kn about this fbi investigation of petraeus until after he resigned? the fbi uncovered the extramarital fair with petraeus' biographer paula broadwell after a second female jill kelly contacted the fbi after receiving threatening e- mails from broadwell. on this veterans day some of our vets angry and frustrated about their post moment medical care. according to the wash -- post deployment medical care. according to the washington guardian newspaper the obama administration has not made a decision in a timely fashion on whether or not vets will get their care. >> they're suffering through wounds physical and mental and the va system can't handle it all. >> i know as far as medical stability and things like that,
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veterans are looked at, they're scrutinized. this is i find totally offensive. >> recognize that the government does what they can to try to help the veterans, but they should also recognize there's more that they can do. >> apparently on i lot more. joining us now is john solomon -- a lot more. joining us now is john solomon. the toll is beginning to take. thanks for coming in. >> good to be here. >> give us an idea what the backlog was when the president took office and what it is now. >> about two years ago it was at 30% meaning 30% of veterans were waiting beyond 125 days to get a decision whether they would get benefit coverage. today it's at 68.1% and it's going to get bigger. >> it's doubled in size basically. what's went wrong? just not enough people? >> two thgs happened. a lot of the afghanistan and iraq veterans returned that needed care and the president made a decision to award new coverage areas for vietnam veterans, the two pipelines coming in just over ran the
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system. >> you said they've tried to speed up, but that has meant more mistakes. >> they have. a recent study by the inspector general of the va says it was as many as 30% of benefit decisions were erroneous and that's doubled in the last couple years as well. >> is this just about not enough people, not enough boots on the ground to handle this huge number of veterans coming in? >> three things, resources, more people. it's an old paper system and we live in a digital era and i think better training of the people who are making these decisions. all three are what the va is trying to address now. >> in the va's defense says look, we've made millions of decisions this year and you're going to make more next year. aren't they beginning to catch up? >> they're going to try. they say by 2015 they'll make good on the president's promise from 2008 and it depends on whether they can get the resources from congress. >> what do they all need to make it happen? >> more clerks, more training and a digital system that replaces this 40-year-old system.
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>> any idea how much money we're talking about? >> congressman runion over the weekend oversees one of the committees and they're trying to find out the dollar figure to make this happen. >> you think there's some conference once they know they'll put the money in the system? >> i think both parties have to address this. they're hearing too much from their constitute wents. >> thanks for your time, john -- constituents. >> thanks for your time, john solomon with the guardian. this saturday is when the i- 495 express lanes open up, but you'll have to have a pass to use them. >> reporter: i'm peggy fox in tysons corner. the drive into this busy place whether for work or play could be a lot easier come saturday when the express lanes open up, but you're going to need an ez pass and if you complete with three or more people on board -- commute with three or more people on board, you can ride for free with a flex pass. anyone who has an ez pass or smart tag can use the new express lanes which run both
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directions from springfield to the dulles access road. there are new entrance and exit ramps exclusively for the express lanes. two go in and out of busy tysons corner. the tolls will vary. the more crowded, the more expensive in order to keep traffic slowing on the express lanes at or above 45 miles per hour. the tolls may be as high as $10 each way unless you'll be carpooling or on a bus. >> flex, i think i can use the same one, right? >> reporter: no. you'll need a flex pass if you'll be hov-ing with three on board. then it's free. peggy fox, 9 news now. five people including three kids found dead inside a home. investigators in toledo, ohio, believe it was carbon monoxide poisoning. the bodies were found after concerned family members called police to check up on the people inside. a man known as the voice of elmo denies he had an inappropriate relationship with a young boy. the sesame street network calls the allegations against kevin
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clash unsubstantiated. they have disciplined him for using poor judgment and violating company policy. clash insists the relationship was between two consenting adults. today the superintendent in montgomery county schools talked about the state of the county schools in a room packed with parents, students and teachers. joshua starr touted montgomery county's strong record of success, but he also said there is one area where they need to get better. >> an african american or hispanic 9th grader is three or four times more likely to drop out before graduation than a white or asian student. >> that aside the parents say they're encouraged by starr's speech. there is some good news for nats fans tonight. bryce harper has been named the national league rookie of the year. harper hit .270, 22 homers, 59 r.i.s and 18 stolen bases and beat out wade miley from arizona and todd frazier from
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cincinnati. harper becomes the first washington national to win that award. kristen berset will have more on it and bryce harper's reaction tonight on 9 news at 11:00. look outside right now. it's a really nice november evening. topper shutt joins us from the weather center. i guess foam our luck goes away. >> yes. we're looking at a reality check, couldn't last forever, but 72 today despite the clouds. let's start with it radar. we still have a few hours before the showers roll into the immediate metro area. they'll essentially roll into the mountains of garrett county and into west virginia the next hour or so and then roll across the mountains through the evening. another two, maybe three hours. the farther east you are of town, the better chance you have of staying dry. the good news is most folks are home and the evening commute has been generally dry. we do see showers in morgantown down 79 told kin all rolling eastward as we -- to elkins all rolling eastward as we go through the nighttime. 63 in gaithersburg and 66 in manassas. we'll come back and talk about
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whether or not we'll have a wet morning commute and how cold it's going to get. right after the break the unbelievably easy way for you to pick up a free ticket to watch the washington redskins in person and who doesn't want to see rg3. >> we got to remind you if pure looking for a way to -- you're looking for a way to say thank you to our u.s. military, call our turkeys for troops phone bank open till 7:30 to provide thanksgiving and christmas meals to local military families. they need your help. call 202-895-5560.
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well, this is your chance to get a free ticket to a washington redskins game while at the same time helping out a worthy cause. all you have to do is donate blood. that's it. the skins are teaming up with the red cross to make this all happen.
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the next blood drive? wednesday november 21st at 10 a.m. in sterling, virginia. for a full list of all the participating blood drivers head over to our website -- drives, head over to our website we're back in just a minute.
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there are not too many things that can bring a family together like the smell of a thanksgiving dinner. unfortunately some of our servicemen and women may not get to experience that this
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year, but with a little help from the uso metropolitan washington one local family is making sure that our troops get the proper thanksgiving they deserve. chopping stuffing, rolling and mashing all delivered with addable of love for a holiday feast. >> i do it because a lot of times people are away from their families with. we do it for them -- families. we do it for them and we do it for family that want the familiarity of home and family and would rather not eat in the chow hall. >> cecilia herrera and her family have been cooking for those folks unable to travel home for the holidays. this year she's doing it for a dozen. >> everybody is coming together. it's really awesome for my children to be exposed to guys who have incredible stories and they have alot to learn from them. >> herrera says she knows firsthand just how hard it be when you just relocate.
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her husband was a sergeant in the army and years ago she says a friend gave her a uso holiday basket. >> we had lost power for like the whole week leading up to thanksgiving. he went and picked up this huge basket and just showed up with it and i was like this is awesome, you know. everything is right here. >> and this year she's continuing the tradition along with some foods of her own. >> the uso has told me that they'll give me about two turkeys. so i'm going to prepare at least those two turkeys, a salt ham, a sugar ham, probably seven or eight side, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans and other things, spinach pie. i usually do like egg rolls. >> but to families like her rare razz the uso -- herreras the uso's turkey for troops means so much than just food. >> to know that somebody is reaching out to us as military members, that just shows how much they appreciate us.
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>> yeah, man. if you want to help our local military families so they can have that full table over the holiday season, call our uso turkeys for troops phone bank. make a donation, 202-895-5560 and as you can see, they await your calls even as we speak. we want to give a special shout out to bob connolly at hendricks honda in woodbridge. $500 donation bringing us just that much closer to our goal tonight. speaking of getting closer to our goal, joining us now with a special check presentation is dave hughes, partner with turning point and also joining us elaine rogers who is with the uso metropolitan washington. so good to see you both. no. you don't have to adjust your television sets. the check is really big in more ways than one. >> i wanted to on behalf of turning point, our employees, i wanted to present this check for $15,000 to uso metro. it's just a small token of appreciation for our men and women troops that are serving
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our great country and their families. thanksgiving is about families and anything we can do to help in a small way bringing them together is very welcome. so thank you very much. >> thank you, thank you. i'm just going to be taking this here. this is exciting. we are almost getting to our goal. >> the goal is what, 60,000? >> yes, it is. >> how many families will that help? >> 1,200 families. >> local families. anything you give stays right here in the metro. >> it does. we've selected these families with the military, truly those that are in the most need, young military families. so we're excited. it's going to happen. >> it's going to happen and we're going to make it happen because of people like you, dave. thank you so much for being here. >> very welcome. >> we appreciate you coming every year and it just gets better. >> thank you. let's run over to topper. he's going to tell us how it looks outside. >> a live look outside, our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son, a live look at the jefferson memorial.
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temperatures are still unbelievably warm. 72 was the high. it's sill 64, winds out of the south and the pressure falling a little bit 32.01 inches of mercury. here's the front, pretty easy to pick out. cooler behind the front, maybe 5 to 8 degrees cooler than average behind the front, ahead of the front 10 to 12 degrees above average. we'll have a reality check. we won't get shocked back into winter from our 70-degree reading. right now we have clouds and a couple sprinkles well to the west. this will get to hagerstown around 9:00 and into the immediate metro area around 11:00. you got some time to bach dog and enjoy the temps. -- walk the dog and enjoy the temps. it's 65 in vienna, great falls, college park and 61 in bowie. back to reality, can't stay 70 forever. grab your umbrella tonight. you'll need a jacket tomorrow and keep it handy the rest of the week, breezy, cooler. the afternoon commute will be
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dry, the morning commute wet across most of the metro area. here's why. by midnight tonight we see showers and rain from gaithersburg to manassas essentially through most of the metro area, a little break and then more showers over into calvert county and st. mary's county. we'll put this into motion. by 4:45, 5:00 in the morning it's raining or showering everywhere. most of it's light, a little yellow activity around culpeper. we'll put this back into motion and then by 9:00 we're getting the back edge of the precipitation, so still showers into southern maryland but good news. tomorrow afternoon we clear out and actually have a pretty nice afternoon as temperatures fall a bit but drier air moves in. next three days, our 9 weather alerts, yellow tomorrow because of the morning showers 52, nice but chilly wednesday 50, nice but cool thursday, 53. next seven days we'll finish the week nice, cooler, but 54 friday and saturday, nice for the terps game. right now for the redskins they are home against the eagles, looks like some rain and temperatures only in the 40s.
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9news will be back right after this. stay tuned.
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in the mailbag tonight general david petraeus, by now you know all about the former general and now former cia director who had to resign in the wake of that extramarital affair, but delmus from woodbridge says it's not all his fault. general petraeus devoted his entire life to the military, became a four star general, wrote the book on how to fight the war in iraq and afghanistan. along comes a female and destroys his entire life and family for the sake of what? i say she knew what she was doing. let's check her background for being an agent of a foreign government. i guess anything is possible, but the woman in question didn't destroy the general's life and career without a good bit of help from him and what about her family and life? then there was this on last week's election result, harold from germantown saying president obama has no mandate. winning by 2% is hardly a mandate. perhaps mr. obama also has a different begin of compromise in. listening to his speech, he was
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more -- definition of compromise in. listening to his speech, he was more demanding of the republicans. this will get us nowhere as both sides will dig in and come january, 2013 i'll be given the pink slip as the fiscal cliff will impact the department of defense. harold, i'm hoping it doesn't come to that. keep in mind there is a difference between actual negotiations and the public trash talk that both sides are doing now. i'm going to believe they all know what's at stake and will find a way to work it out. work out a way to send me some more e-mail. the address is on behalf of the uso we would like to thank all of you for donating to our turkeys for troops holiday food baskets program. we've raised $98,860 including $15,000 checks that just came in from both northrop grumman and dyne corp. international and also want to thank turning point and the
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washington capitals cheerleading squad. you can still donate online at be with with. i can still -- online at i can still hear a few calls coming in. i will be right back at 11:00 with anita and topper. we will see you there. have a great evening. bye bye.
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is the petraeus cheating scandal headed to hollywood? >> the cia love triangle. new bombshells tonight. >> what i know about the general, the mistress and the woman who blew the lid off this affair. >> is he awesome or incredibly awesome? >> he can turn water into bottled water. >> the betrayal, the coverup. why do member in power cheat? >> isn't he a specialist in keeping secrets? >> and will this sordid story become a hollywood movie? ♪ if i was your boyfriend >> did this victoria's secret model come between justin and selena? what we know about the breakup. >> plus, are they together in new york right now? then -- >> i have a few things to say about lindsay lohan. >> barbara walters lays into lindsay for canceling her interview. hollywood plastic surgery week. new star facelifts. wrapped up in bandages.


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